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For several months we had been trying hard to develop energy drink which would address a wide range of customers and be unique in its category. We managed it in 2003 when Big Shock! was born. Its composition with the highest allowed content of caffeine, taurine and vitamins has provided you with huge doses of energy for a few years by now. This fi rst born non-fi zzy variant was successful from its day of birth. Its attractive price, packaging and last but not least pleasant taste has attracted many people. This non-fizzy variant is popular especially on the Czech market.

Packaging: 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre.

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  • Big Shock! Cherry

    After a very successful Big Shock! Watermeloon fl avors we introduced at the end of 2015 next fruit flavor Big Shock! Cherry. The Cherry flavor also experienced great success with consumers of energy drinks up to now.

    Big Shock! Cherry
  • Big Shock! Watermelon

    Popularity of fruit energy drinks growing. For 2015, we asked Big Shock! fans for their help. We asked them what fruity fl avor of Big Shock! they want. Our fans have chosen watermelon fl avor for summer 2015. This fl avor on the Czech market in the fi rst month of sales exceeded our expectations and became one of the most successful products.

    Big Shock! Watermelon
  • New Introduction Big Shock! Apple

    There appeared new Big Shock! product with the taste of apple in the market. Drink contains 10% of apple juice and energy is squeezed from the real fruit.

    New Introduction Big Shock! Apple
  • Big Shock! Tea energy

    We launch drink with flavour of green tea and peach. Big Shock! Tea is light non-sparkling energy drink with flavour close to ice tea.

    Big Shock! Tea energy
  • Big Shock! Sporty

    Non-sparkling new product above all for athletes. New Sporty contains 25% of recommended daily amount of magnesium. All packed in lemon-grapefruit flavour.

    Big Shock! Sporty
  • Big Shock! Fruity

    Terrific mix of pomegranate and cranberries with specific sweet flavour. Perfect refreshment for summer! All that and much more is new Big Shock! Fruity juicy.

    Big Shock! Fruity
  • Fruit sugar

    We launch a new type of product – this time it is fruit sugar with caffeine. Fruit sugar is the most effective natural source of energy. Besides that, it is always at hand thanks to its practical packaging.

    Fruit sugar
  • Big Shock! Light a Cola

    In March 2012 the Original variety lived to see its third extension, this time as a sugar-free Light variant. The Big Shock! Light is targeted to women and consumers of diet drinks.

    Together with the Light variant, we launched another novelty – the Big Shock! Cola. This drink laced with coke is designed for the wide range of consumers preferring coke-like drinks. It has been sold in 500 ml cans and one-litre PET bottles.

    Big Shock! Light a Cola
  • A Film Ride: Probudím se včera (I wake up yesterday)

    We tried product placement for the first time. Our cooperation with the successful Czech movie Probudím se včera (I wake up yesterday) was supported by the third limited edition of cans called A Film Ride.

    A Film Ride: Probudím se včera (I wake up yesterday)
  • Big Shock! in high style

    Thanks to their success, the fruit varieties were launched in the economic one-litre packaging. The Original joined the bandwagon as its PET-bottle variety still had not been on the market.

    Big Shock! in high style
  • Big Shock! Original – limited edition

    Following the success of the past year's winter competition we launched a new one – this time a summer competition for rafts with the limited Big Shock! Original can edition.

    Big Shock! Original – limited edition
  • Big Shock! Exotic a Orange

    New Big Shock! fruity flavours initiated the trend of flavoured energy drinks in the Czech Republic. The Exotic variety is a blend of an energy drink with the exotic fruits (mango, orange, maracuja, apple), the Orange variety is a blend of an energy drink with orange juice.

    Big Shock! Exotic a Orange
  • Big Shock! Original

    2011 was a year of substantial changes and novelties important for the brand future.

    The first variety of the non-sparkling Big Shock was designated the Original. This was particularly to simplify orientation amongst the flavours that were to be launched by the end of the same year.

    Big Shock! Original
  • Big Shock! Koko a Klasik

    Less than a year after Big Shock! Choco we extended our range of sweets by two further bars: Klasik and Koko.

    Big Shock! Koko a Klasik
  • Limited edition

    We used the first limited can edition to communicate a winter consumer competition for snowboards.

    For the great success they had, further limited can series and competitions followed soon.

    Limited edition
  • Big Shock! Choco

    In the same year we extended our range by sweet bars and introduced solid dose of energy in a new format - the Big Shock! Choco chocolate bar.

    Big Shock! Choco
  • Big Shock! Bitter a Original

    The uniquely flavoured Big Shock! Bitter in a half-litre can enters the market in 2009. This variety distinguishes thanks to its bitter taste. It is designed for all those who do not favour the classical flavour and sweetness of energy drinks.

    The non-sparkling Ori drink is redesigned. The adapted image reflected the lifestyle of our target audience – the Big City Life.

    Big Shock! Bitter a Original
  • Big Shock! Gold

    This year we introduced the Big Shock! Gold drink prepared according to the same formula as its one-litre variant.

    We have been supplying this variant in the same packaging as the still Big Shock! drinks, i.e. in 500 and 250 ml cans.

    Big Shock! Gold
  • Redesign of the can

    After many modifications the can design steadied in the form being used to date. The upper part of the can is reserved for the dominant Big Shock! logo, while the bottom part is dedicated to the illustration associated with the specific variety.

    The first flavour introduced in the new design was the Original and the can with the mining tower became popular amongst collectors as well as regular consumers.

    Redesign of the can
  • Big Shock! in one-litre PET bottle

    A new variety comes to being – this time a sparkling drink in one-litre PET bottle. Large volume in the practical re-closable packaging enables repeated usage.

    This variant was designed mainly for external markets but thanks to the great interest has been sold in the Czech Republic since the late 2006 too. The company also launches the Big Shock! in a 250 ml PET bottle.

    Big Shock! in one-litre PET bottle
  • 1 000 000!

    The millionth can of Big Shock! 500 ml was sold.

    1 000 000!
  • Big Shock! Original 500 ml

    Al-Namura starts the production and launches its own energy drink called Big Shock!

    Besides caffeine, the drink traditionally contains taurine, and a range of vitamins – e.g. vitamin C, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B2 and folic acid.

    Big Shock! comes with previously untraditional packaging of 0,5 litres and non-sparkling variety. The first variant of the drink (later called Original) quickly reaches in popularity, especially amongst teenagers, drivers and sportsmen.

    Big Shock! Original 500 ml
  • The very beginning

    The forerunner of the future most favourite energy drink in the Czech Republic was ŠOK.

    The very beginning

Big Shock! Katalog

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